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EASTBEAM Consulting

EASTBEAM Consulting (brains behind GIRAFthepillow) drives transformation and build businesses that thrives in the digital age. With more than 9 years of experience in the Asia Pacific region - specialising in E-commerce and Digitalisation, we look at Factory-to-Door strategies, derisking through use of technology and automation, to enable all companies, both large and small to take a step into digitalisation at the lowest risk.

Speak to us today about setting up your automated sales department that runs FREE with near ZERO overhead.


We work with organisations to start and scale innovative and thriving new ventures from scratch.

Humanising Technology

We have unparalleled possibilities in connecting product and people by harnessing the power of technology

Contact Us Today

eastbeamconsulting [AT]

Turning 1 into 100

Our 100X philosophy pushes us to think outside the box to aim for 100 times return on start up capital, effectively lowering risk 100 times


Customer journey is viewed from the top as a whole experience and each stage is a layer on the one before


Case studies

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Bringing an invention to life

GIRAFthepillow is an invention created by an engineer that was subsequently commercialised using a Direct-to-Consumer (DTG) model 
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