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We want to completely change the definition of a pillow using Advanced Engineering, not marketing talk. Specifically designed around our digital lifestyle and the related slouching & poor posture.

It all started in Ken's humble bedroom... Poor sleep, neck pain, headache, stiff muscles!! Our founder, Ken the engineer, had them all just like you. But being an engineer, Ken's instinct was to solve the problem. He tried all the touted best pillows in the market but they were all horrible!

And Ken discovered the biggest scam in the pillow industry - all pillows were just bags stuffed with a single block of simple cushy material!! Packaged with sweet marketing talk... The whole soft pillow concept is a Roman Design that has hardly changed in over 2000 years? And memory foam can be comfy but not the best for consistent support, NASA only made it to disperse pressure, not for structural support... 

And then you have slouching, which is the new norm- It doesn't help that our modern lifestyle has moved into year 2022, yet pillow technology remains mostly unchanged. We spend most of our time slouching over computers & smartphones. Logically, we need better pillow support to match our overstressed necks. Time to use technology to reinvent our pillows!

What can a sleep-obsessed engineer do? Well, make a better pillow invention from scratch of course. Just like how other engineers reinvented the vacuum cleaner & hair dryer (Dyson), electric vehicle (Tesla), smartphone (Apple) - GIRAFthepillow is the culmination of Ken's many years of research and development.
Ken, using his Mechanical Engineering background from the UK, drew upon his project experience in Ergonomics and Composites to perfect the design of a new pillow invention. He has since spent more than 17 years researching materials, features & fitment. Perfecting the invention along the way with an American Posture Institute Expert. 
Does it work? For Ken and posture experts, YES! Pain relief, proper deep sleep, confident posture. It is not a medical device, some people get a better experience than others, but ultimately the satisfaction comes from all the thank you notes we received from our users which says it all. Real people with real problems, solved by real GIRAFthepillow technology.
Today, we would like to help more people & share our highly rated Advanced Composites Sleeping Pillow; and also our exclusive bespoke service, SLEEPscientifica.


Meet the founder & inventor,
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Ken Leong  

MEng Mechanical Engineering, 3D Carbon Fibre Composites & Ergonomics,


University of Nottingham

latex pillow.gif

Golf Ball Bounce experiment : Foam based material like latex & memory foam are not supple. Hence, the golf ball will bounce away instead of having its impact absorbed when striking the material. This affects the"comfort" as suppleness is a similar to a reassuring human hug.

down pillow.gif

Weight Balance experiment : A human head weighs about 5kg. Down feather pillow does not  have much support. Your head will not remain stable and sink into the air pockets just like the weight. Imagine your neck having to fight this stress in order to keep your head straight.

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