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  • My AMEX payment is rejected. Why?
    Unfortunately STRIPE, the payment provider, is not able to process American Express cards for payment in Malaysia. You may try another card for payment e.g. Mastercard, Visa etc. To find out more please visit the link below
  • Is your pillow made from an actual giraffe?
    No! In fact no animals are harmed in the process of making GIRAFthepillow :)
  • Can I use GIRAFthepillow if I sleep sideways?
    Yes! In fact, one of the key considerations when designing GIRAFthepillow is to let you sleep in multiple positions. Actually we found out from our studies that the average human being changes their sleeping position whilst asleep multiple times a night. So we have designed it such that it remains supportive in different positions and you can changed positions smoothly without being woken up.
  • What is the shipping lead time?
    You may find the latest shipping lead time at the bottom tab of the product page,
  • It's just a pillow? I can buy one for USD$5
    Well traditionally anything soft stuffed into a bag is called a pillow. However, considering the fact that you spend 1/3 of your life asleep and how important sleep is to your general well-being and productivity, would you be willing to spend just a quarter (0.25 cents) a day in return for good sleep? Yup the value you get out our properly designed and engineered GIRAFthepillow is much more than a quarter.
  • Will GIRAFthepillow fit into normal pillow cases?
    Yes our pillow fills up most standard pillow cases. For reference the nominal sizes are 70cm x 45cm. If in doubt go for King size pillowcases.
  • I have neck pain and I'm a side sleeper, is GIRAFthepillow for me?
    GIRAFthepillow is designed for the majority of sleepers that change sleeping positions multiple times a night (as found by research). However, if you feel that in the past you tend to sleep on your sides a lot, you may find GIRAFthepillow uncomfortable at first. GIRAFthepillow naturally encourages you to sleep on your back more. The reason is simple. Experts generally agree that sleeping on your back is kinder on your posture alignment and in turn may help with relieving aches and pains. The sense of comfort in continuing to sleep on your sides may come from familiarity or habit but in continuing to do so may be aggravating your posture. This in turn may create and perpetuate more aches and pains. Therefore, it may take longer for you to feel used to sleeping with GIRAFthepillow. But getting used to sleep in a better posture could prove beneficial in the long run.
  • Will my sagging mattress affect GIRAFthepillow?
    Yes if the mattress is sagging or too soft it will cause your upper torso to sink into the mattress (heaviest part of upper body). Test: Try laying down with GIRAFthepillow on a flat hard floor and feel to see if there is a difference? If you feel more comfortable on the flat floor then your upper torso may be sinking into the mattress a little too much. A quick fix would be to lay a folded towel on your mattress just below the pillow, where your upper torso is, to lift your upper torso to a more neutral alignment.
  • How do I adjust GIRAFthepillow?
    Feel free to take some time to adjust to GIRAFthepillow and adjust GIRAFthepillow to you! Our pillow is designed around the user so feel free to squeeze, scrunch and puff it as you wish. Tips: You may also try moving the pillow slightly to the left or right of your head so you lie off-centre to the pillow. Or even move the pillow slightly diagonally so you are lying diagonally to the pillow. CAUTION: Pillow cases that are a tad small for the pillow may affect it's performance. Try sleeping on GIRAFthepillow without an extra pillow case, if you feel that it's more comfortable - then your pillow case may be a tad small.
  • My GIRAFthepillow looks all bunched up after putting a pillowcase?
    Your pillowcase is a tad too small. Avoid using pillowcase that is smaller than GIRAFthepillow as it may affect the performance of the pillow - neck support feels low, pillow feels too firm, head falling off the high part of the pillow etc. Most standard pillow cases fit. However there are some than are a little small. If in doubt go for King size. For reference the nominal sizes for GIRAFthepillow are 70cm x 45cm
  • How do I position myself with GIRAFthepillow?
    There's a picture on the label that's attached to the pillow. All you need to do is to position your body in the same direction as the picture. Both surfaces of the pillow may be used as long as you follow the same direction on the label. One surface features more aggressive contouring and the other gentler and cushier. You may try both surfaces to find your preference! In general, the lower centre part is for back sleeping. And as you roll side to side to side sleeping position, aim for the higher parts of the pillow on the sides. Most people find the sweet spot between the lower centre and the higher sides.
  • Can I wash GIRAFthepillow?
    No the pillow (nor outer shell) should not be washed, as it may affect the performance of the pillow. However, you may air the pillow out in the sun. You're advised to not take GIRAFthepillow apart as the pillow is directional and it may mess up the orientation of the pillow.
  • There's a BIG hole on my GIRAFthepillow?! It's actually by design :)
    We set a high standard when designing the pillow and that includes caring for the environment. GIRAFthepillow is proudly designed for sustainability and easy recycling. The opening in the inner workings of the pillow is intentional. Design for Disassembly is a principle used to enable easy material separation for recycling when the pillow reaches it's end of life. Not only that, we use staples instead of tape for the carton packaging as tape is not recyclable but metal staples are.
  • How long does it take to get used to GIRAFthepillow?
    Some people take a longer time and some shorter. We encourage you to continue using GIRAFthepillow for at least 30 days. Some people may find that the pillow is a little low initially, especially if you've been using double pillows. This is mostly due to the body wanting to return to a familiar position which is the hunched forward position that you're in during the day. Although the familiarity may feel "comforting", in the long run it may lead to further issues for posture and pain management.
  • I've accidentally taken GIRAFthepillow apart, how do I put it back?
    You're advised to not take GIRAFthepillow apart as the pillow is directional and it may mess up the orientation of the pillow. However if you have taken the pillow apart and forgotten the orientation... Refer to pictures below for the reassembly, there are 2 versions, those received before 15 May 2022, and those received after.


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