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Release Serotonin Happy Hormones

2-Step GIRAF® Sleep system specially developed by a sleep obsessed engineer

The Journey of KEN

Hi I'm Ken! Founder and chief engineer at GIRAFthepillow. Many year ago, I was just like you. Eyes wide awake, rolling around restlessly, unable to sleep well at night. But then I was a sleep obsessed engineer, so here we are today with our proven GIRAF® 2-Step Sleep System and Patent Proprietary GIRAF® Cuddle Tech.

Sleeping Baby
Peter Davis enjoys GIRAFthepillow


I've enjoyed using GIRAFthepillow too and I really like it!

Peter Davis, Actor/Athlete

Lai Pei Jing enjoys GIRAFthepillow


Ever since I tried out GIRAFthepillow I really feel the difference. I feel fresh every morning and ready for the day!

Lai Pei Jing, National Athlete

vulcanpost enjoys GIRAFthepillow


I was shocked to find out how comfortable it was. How?... such cushiony yet firm support for the neck and head!

Joycelyn Tan, Vulcan Post

GIRAFthepillow as seen on


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