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Exclusively cut to fit the GIRAF® Composites Pillow in a beautiful and crisp manner. Now you can have the best of the best sleep ever!


Of course with us, it's never a plain old pillowcase. Introducing the Most Advanced 1st Custom Fit Pillowcase Infused with Silver Ion and Hyaluronic Acid it's more of a High Tech pillowcase.


  • Anti-acne and reduce bacteria 
  • Reduce fine line and wrinkles
  • Anti-aging
  • Keeps hair smooth and straight
  • Reduce skin care routine
  • Retain skin moisture
  • Regulate temperature and sweat
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and reduce irritations
  • Luxurious Touch
  • Improve appearance of skin and hair

GIRAF® Silver + Hyaluron Mulberry Silk Pillowcase (Custom Fit)

RM280.00 Regular Price
RM199.00Sale Price