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Ready to work hard, play hard, SLEEP HARD?


WORLD'S 1ST COMPOSITES TECH SLEEP PILLOW - featuring Formula 1 Racing Ergonomics & Advanced Composites Technology, plus tuned by an API-certified posture expert.


GIRAF® Cuddle Tech that mimics a gentle cuddle to release a burst of serotonin happy hormones for  a deep, relaxed sleep.


The best sleeping pillow introduced after more than 17 years of research. Designed and founded by a Real Sleep Obsessed Engineer to help Posture-Recovery & Full REM Sleep Cycle Recuperation, essential for a Slouch-Over-Smartphone lifestyle, to get a well rested sleep experience that helps you perform your best, day in, day out.


Specially engineered sleep furniture for the high-performance modern tech-warrior professional, who is facing the aches and pains of a Slouch-Over-Smartphone lifestyle. The choice of top athletes and posture experts.


By GIRAFthepillow - As featured on major newspapers and publications!


DISCLAIMER : This is not a medical device. If you have a medical condition it's best that you seek profesional medical help :)

GIRAF® Step1 - Advanced Composites Pillow

SKU: AS2022
RM469.00 Regular Price
RM399.00Sale Price
  • Just follow the instructions on the Quick Start Guide in your package and activate your FREE Extended 2 YEARS Warranty in two minutes! Otherwise Standard Warranty of 3 months applies.